Two Tips For Those Having Asphalt Paving Laid On Their Commercial Properties

If you have decided to have asphalt paving laid on your commercial property, following these tips should ensure the end results meet your expectations. Wait several days before painting lines on the new asphalt When the paving contractor completes the laying of the new asphalt paving, you might want to add a few painted lines to this area. For example, if the paved area is a loading bay, you might want to add lettering to the paving that indicates this, or you may need to put some parking lines on for the trucks that are left in this spot. Read More 

Protect Your Apartment Building’s Parking Lot by Having Asphalt Sealcoating Done Regularly

When you own an apartment building, you want the grounds and parking lot to be in good repair. This helps your tenants have pride in their living area, which can entice them to take better care of your property. In addition to making your property more attractive, maintaining your parking lot by sealcoating it prolongs the life of the asphalt. Here are some things to know about having a sealcoat applied to your parking lot. Read More 

Investing In Warehouse Line Striping

When a business grows and has accumulated a substantial amount of customers, keeping larger quantities of inventory items in a warehouse is often necessary. The last thing that a business owner wants is to constantly run out of inventory and disappoint customers as it can play a big role in a business failing. One complication that commonly comes with managing a large warehouse full of various types of inventory is keeping track of everything. Read More 

Paving Contractor: 5 Questions To Ask Him Or Her

Is your driveway starting to look dull? Is your driveway coated with stains? Is your parking lot riddled with unsightly cracks and potholes? Luckily, asphalt paving contractors can turn your decaying pavement around so that you have a professional looking asphalt surface again. When the paving contractors visits to provide an estimate, make sure that you are prepared to ask him or her a few questions. Here are five that you won't want to forget. Read More 

Pavement Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home’s Driveway In Good Appearance And Condition

A paved driveway in your front yard helps to complete the look of your home's appearance and provides a pavement for your vehicles and other traffic. Whether your driveway is made of concrete or asphalt, it can become worn out over the years, looking cracked from freeze-thaw winter cycles, and pitted to form holes. Here are some tips to help you make repairs to and resurface your paved driveway to make it look great and last many years more. Read More