Unique Driveway Transformations With Custom Pavers

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a driveway can significantly improve a property's curb appeal and overall value. Custom pavers offer homeowners many possibilities for creating unique driveways that set their homes apart. Yet, a homeowner may struggle to create ideas for ways to use custom pavers in their driveway.  Idea: Illuminating Paths With Glow-In-The-Dark Pavers Glow-in-the-dark pavers add a touch of magic to driveways while increasing safety during nighttime hours. These pavers utilize luminescent materials, which absorb sunlight during the day and emit a soft glow at night. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Asphalt Parking Lot Resurfacing

Worn asphalt parking lots may be crisscrossed with cracks, pocked with the beginnings of potholes, and covered in loosening gravel. The good news is you may be able to resurface rather than replace the asphalt. Resurfacing involves grinding off the top layer of the old asphalt and installing a fresh new layer to replace it.  1. Reduce Business Interruptions Lack of parking and active exterior work can be off-putting to customers, so reducing the amount of time your lot is out of commission should be a high priority. Read More 

Signs Your Asphalt Driveway Needs Repair

If you have a driveway made from asphalt adorning your property, you know the benefits it provides to you and your family. Repair work is necessary at certain times to ensure your driveway continues to give you a smooth surface for use. Here are some signs that indicate it is time to contact an asphalt company to make repairs to your driveway's asphalt. Cracks Or Crumbles Are Visible  When an asphalt surface becomes cracked, crumbled, or riddled with holes, there is a need for repair work in affected areas. Read More 

Use Sealcoating To Extend The Life Of Your Private Road

Do you have a property that has its own private road? Perhaps you use the road to get to your house which you intentionally built in an isolated location. Or maybe you have a private road so you can use a golf cart or other small vehicle to get from one side of your property to another. If your private road is made from asphalt, don't forget to keep up with proper maintenance and care. Read More 

A Complete Guide To Asphalt Raveling

Raveling is a major problem on asphalt paving, whether it's a driveway, parking lot, or road. Asphalt consists of asphalt binder along with stone aggregate. Over time, the binder can break down or dry out, causing the aggregate to come loose. Left too long, the asphalt will completely break down. Recognizing Raveling Issues In the early stages, it can be easy to ignore the signs of a developing raveling problem. At first, it may just seem like there is more debris like dirt and dust on the asphalt surface. Read More