Different Levels Of Paving Repair: When To Call In Professionals

Paved surfaces are ubiquitous in modern-day living; you cannot see any city or town without a copious amount of paved roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. These paved surfaces are necessary for modern transportation and serve to ensure that your community will remain functional and connected. However, like any infrastructure, paved surfaces deteriorate over time and will require maintenance and repair. To avoid extensive or costlier repair, it is essential to understand the different levels of paving repair and know when to call in professionals.

Level 1: Basic Maintenance

The first level of paving repair is basic maintenance, which involves simple cleaning and fixing minor cracks, potholes, and surface damage. This level of repair is usually done by homeowners or business owners who come across minor pavement damage, such as small cracks or minor potholes. Basic maintenance can include sweeping and brushing the surface, filling cracks and small holes with patching compounds, and applying sealants. These tasks are relatively simple, do not involve heavy equipment, and can be done within a short time frame.

Level 2: Structural Maintenance

The second level of paving repair is structural maintenance, which covers issues that affect the structural integrity of a paved surface, such as subbase issues, severe potholes, and more extensive damage to the surface. At this level, one should consider hiring paving contractors for the job. These professionals have the experience and equipment to handle these complex repair tasks. Structural maintenance involves laying new sub-base materials, replacement of damaged or deteriorated pavement, and fixing sinkholes. It relies on heavy machinery, including excavators, grading equipment, and asphalt pavers, as well as the knowledge of the paving contractor.

Level 3: Reconstruction

The third level of paving repair is reconstruction, which involves removing the old pavement and replacing it with new pavement. This level of repair is needed if the existing pavement is extensively damaged over time or if the subbase has failed. The reconstruction process involves the complete removal of the old pavement, repairing the subbase, and properly laying new layers of asphalt. Reconstruction requires extensive planning and can take a longer time frame to complete. Engaging a professional contractor is crucial at this level since they are equipped to handle the job.

When to Call in Professionals:

It is critical to know when to call in a professional paving contractor. A homeowner or business owner can handle minor pavement repairs. However, if the repairs are complex, such as reconstruction or structural maintenance, it is best to engage professional contractors.

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