Signs Your Asphalt Driveway Needs Repair

If you have a driveway made from asphalt adorning your property, you know the benefits it provides to you and your family. Repair work is necessary at certain times to ensure your driveway continues to give you a smooth surface for use. Here are some signs that indicate it is time to contact an asphalt company to make repairs to your driveway's asphalt.

Cracks Or Crumbles Are Visible 

When an asphalt surface becomes cracked, crumbled, or riddled with holes, there is a need for repair work in affected areas. Repairing asphalt involves the use of a sealant to fill in voids as needed. After this sealant dries, a protective covering either in the form of sealcoating or another layer of asphalt is put into place over the previously damaged spots. This will harden and provide your driveway with a smooth surface once again. Make it a habit to check the condition of your driveway regularly. As soon as you notice an area in need of repair, contact an asphalt company in your area to come to your property and conduct an evaluation.

Indented Areas Are Noticed In Certain Spots 

The weight of vehicles or heavy machinery upon an asphalt surface leads to damage over time. If you park vehicles or place heavy equipment in the same locations over and over again, damage happens quickly. Moving these objects around upon your asphalt driveway often helps to keep the surface free of indentations. If you notice indented areas in spots where vehicles or machinery had previously rested, they need filling in by an asphalt company as soon as possible. Continuing to use your driveway with these indentations can lead to deeper voids. This in turn leads to the possibility of damage to vehicles or machinery or an injury to a person or pet.

The Asphalt's Coloring Is No Longer Uniform

Over time, asphalt fades due to direct sunlight. If you have foliage overhanging your driveway, fading is likely to occur unevenly. This makes an asphalt surface appear unkempt, leading to an unfavorable look to your property overall. To boost the curbside appeal your property exudes to others, hire an asphalt company to apply a new coat of asphalt, covered by a fresh application of sealcoating. After these materials are in place and harden, your driveway is likely to appear pristine to all who view its lustrous, dark coloring and smooth surface. 

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