Use Sealcoating To Extend The Life Of Your Private Road

Do you have a property that has its own private road? Perhaps you use the road to get to your house which you intentionally built in an isolated location. Or maybe you have a private road so you can use a golf cart or other small vehicle to get from one side of your property to another. If your private road is made from asphalt, don't forget to keep up with proper maintenance and care. Here's why a regular appointment with a sealcoating expert is a good idea for your private road.

Maintain Appearance

A road with cracks or potholes is not very pleasant to gaze upon. If your private road has seen better days, a fresh sealcoating job can help restore its original appearance by getting rid of those cracks. Your private road may be adding value to your property but that value will begin to drop as the road slowly falls apart. Keeping the road looking great will maintain its appearance or visual appeal, and that can in turn protect your property value.

Remove Safety Hazards

Maybe you have a pothole in the middle of your private road and you've just taken to driving around it each time you go by. But what happens the one time you forget it's there, or you get distracted and drive your vehicle directly into it? You could end up doing damage to a tire or another part of the vehicle. A sealcoating application can stop a small pothole from developing into a larger one that will require more work to fix. Regular sealcoating keeps the road as safe as possible, allowing for more peace of mind.

Prevent Further Damage

Once there are cracks in your asphalt, it will be possible for damage to accelerate. The sun's UV rays will be able to get through the cracks and cause damage down below. Water from a storm may drip down into the cracks and cause issues over time. Pests could get through a crack and set up a new home. Sealcoating helps keep all of these problems at bay.

Sealcoating Is Quick

Sealcoating as a process is efficient, and the new layer can be put down quickly. Depending on the size of your road, the project can be done in a day or two and you can regain full use of your road.

Public roads will regularly get work done on them by the local municipality or transportation authority, but no one is going to show up to take care of your private road. If you have a private asphalt road that is important to your daily life, you need to get sealcoating done about once a year in order to keep problems at bay and keep your private road in good condition.