Decorative Concrete Options For Your Business

Concrete flooring and paving can be common sights on commercial properties. While concrete can be a durable and affordable material for a range of paving projects, there are options that you can use to still create an attractive look for the property.

Staining The Concrete

One reason that a person may assume that concrete will be a bland aesthetic choice for their floors or sidewalks can be due to the assumption that it will always be a very bland grey color. In reality, there are staining options that will enable you to give the concrete the exact color that you are wanting. This can be an affordable option that can be completed very quickly so that it will not measurably impact the time until the concrete is ready for use.

Polishing The Concrete Surface

For those that are wanting a surface that will have a shine, it is possible to choose polished concrete. This is a process that will result in a concrete surface having an attractive shine to it as it will involve thoroughly sanding and polishing the concrete before a finish is applied. While this type of concrete will have a shine to it, individuals should not assume that it will be slippery to walk on. The finish that is applied at the end of this process will be designed to provide good traction while still having the shine that a person was wanting to achieve with this option. While polished concrete can take slightly longer to be ready for use, the finish will be extremely durable, which can allow the look of this concrete to last for years while needing minimal amounts of maintenance work.

Stamping A Design Into The Concrete

Stamping is another popular choice for decorative commercial concrete. This type of customization can enable a business to have custom designs imprinted into the concrete. While most concrete stamping is done to create the look of brick, stone, or tile, it is also possible for businesses to have branding imprinted into the concrete. If you are wanting to utilize stamped concert for your business, you may want to work with a professional commercial decorative concrete company that offers design assistance. This can ensure that you will get high-quality results from this design choice. This is especially important for those that have especially complex or highly unique designs that they are wanting as the stamping of these designs may require specialized tools.

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