Asphalt Parking Lot Answers For You

If you own your own company, make sure you create a safe and professional atmosphere for employees and patrons alike. This safe and professional environment should begin at the curb and include everything on the exterior and the interior of your business location. In order to create the right parking lot, consider going with asphalt. Here are some things you should know about and questions you may have about asphalt parking lots.

Can you have the asphalt poured in the rain?

In certain regions, it can rain quite often. This can make it more challenging to try to guess ahead of time which days the asphalt will be able to be poured if it can't be done in the rain. However, this really depends on the amount of rain. Asphalt can often be poured in some rain, depending on things like how strong the downpour is and the condition the ground has been left in. Asphalt contractors are good about working around this type of weather, though, so the rainy season won't often hinder your asphalt parking lot plans for too long, if at all. 

What benefits does asphalt have over other types of parking lots?

Asphalt gives cars a smooth surface to ride on and pedestrians a smooth one to walk on. Also, when kept in good shape with occasional seal proofing, it will always welcome everyone into the parking area with a nice and sleek looking surface. However, it also offers many other advantages; it does better in all types of weather and will even stand up better against earthquakes than some of the other options. 

Will it be a long time before the parking lot can be used after the asphalt is poured?

You have to think about things like how long it will be before customers and staff can use the parking lot when you are a business owner. Luckily, it doesn't take too long before the parking lot can be used again. The wait time is generally anywhere from one to two days, depending on the local weather conditions. 

Is it easy to keep up with asphalt repairs?

Luckily, asphalt surfaces can go through a lot and require very little in the way of repairs. When they do need to be repaired, the repairs tend to be more affordable than what concrete repairs would be, and they can be done quickly, so your business won't have to be affected with proper planning.

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