Insight For Keeping Your Pavement Durable And Protected

An asphalt paved driveway in your yard will bring you years of improved property performance and also increase your home value. But it is essential that your pavement is protected and well-built to ensure its condition lasts. The following information provides you details and information about keeping your asphalt pavement a protected and long-lasting pavement.

Install Durable Pavement

Before your asphalt is installed on your property you should make sure it is prepared for a successful stable base with a good foundation of drainage gravel. A layer of angular gravel compacted in place that is several inches in thickness will give your pavement the right level of drainage from below the pavement and prevent settling after installation.

Without a firm foundation, your pavement can be pushed upward if the soil below it becomes saturated and expands during freezing temperatures. Improper soil foundations will also be at risk of erosion from moisture, which will leave the asphalt layer without a foundation. But with a properly prepared foundation, your asphalt will have the essential element to remain stable and look great for a long time.

Seal Your Pavement

After installing the pavement appropriately you will need to keep an eye on its surface condition for any signs of damage that will occur from weather and age. Your asphalt pavement becomes dried out, lightens in color, and loses its flexibility and moisture resistance with time, and will start crumbling apart and will need replacement if you are not diligent in its care. To protect your asphalt you should plan to have it protected with a layer of seal coating, which is spread over the surface and seals in any tiny fractures, restores its flexibility, and keeps the asphalt in a more solid state to last through the years. 

Arrange a seal coating application with your local asphalt professional so you can restore your asphalt and lengthen its life. They will need to clean your asphalt's surface to remove any oil, gasoline, grease, or other vehicle fluids so your asphalt seal coating will adhere and remain on the surface. Your asphalt professional will also fill any cracks that are larger than a hairline and patch and fill any potholes or edge deterioration.

Plan to maintain your pavement every few months as any damage occurs, then be on the lookout for surface oxidation and drying out of the topcoat. Then, an application of asphalt seal coating applied every few years, depending on your climate, will give your asphalt an attractive appearance and protect it from moisture, snow, ice, and the sun's UV rays.