Keeping Your Warehouse’s Floor Stripings In Good Condition

Warehouses will typically utilize striping so that the flow of traffic can be directed throughout the building. However, this striping can suffer significant damage if it is not being properly maintained. While floor striping can be integral for the operations of the warehouse, many warehouse managers may have meeting these maintenance needs relatively low on the priorities list.

Avoid Using Acidic Cleaning Agents

When you are caring for your warehouse's floor striping, you will want to avoid using any cleaning products that are acidic. These acidic cleaning agents can soak through the protective finish to reach the paint used to make these floor markings. Once this occurs, the paint can start to peel or fade in a way that may compromise the results you are getting from it. While a cleaning agent can be essential for keeping the floors of your warehouse clean, you will want to use ones that are gentle enough to avoid damaging the epoxy coating that protects the paint.

Clean Puddles And Other Spills As Quickly As Possible

The epoxy coating that protects your warehouse's floor markings can be extremely durable. However, this coating will not be impervious. In particular, you will need to make sure that you are removing any puddles or other spills as quickly as possible. If these substances are exposed to the epoxy coating for a prolonged period of time, they could cause it to start to degrade. Having spill cleanup kits readily available can allow your employees to quickly respond to situations where they need to clean up spills or puddles. In addition to keeping the workplace safe, this can also limit the risk of the epoxy protective coating failing.

Be Careful When Moving Heavy Equipment Or Furniture

Another problem that businesses can experience with their warehouse striping is damage occurring from moving heavy equipment or furniture. If these items drag on the floor, they can scrape the protective sealant so that it will no longer be able to protect the paint. In severe cases, this may even result in the paint itself being scratched. Whenever you are moving items near or over the painted stripes on the floor, you should be sure to avoid dragging these items across the floor. If this is unavoidable, a moving mat should be placed under it. These mats will allow the heavy furniture or equipment to be moved across the floor without scratching it or causing other damages that may result in the warehouse striping needing to be redone.

For more information, reach out to professionals who provide commercial warehouse striping services.