Some Benefits of Having a Rubber Pool Deck Installed

It may be a good idea to think about installing a rubber pool deck around your pool. Once you learn more about some of the many great benefits this pool deck material has to offer, you may have a better understanding of why it can be a good choice for your pool area. 

1. Prevent slipping accidents

If you've ever clenched your teeth as your child has run toward the pool on the hard concrete, then you will appreciate the slip resistance of rubber pool decking. Rubber decking doesn't get slippery when it gets wet like other pool deck surfaces. Plus, the little bit of flexibility in the rubber also makes it more slip-resistant. Even if a fall does happen, because falls can take place on any surface, the rubber material will be a much better surface to land on than something much harder, such as concrete. 

2. Enjoy an easy to clean deck

You likely want a pool deck that is easy to clean. On a good day, you would be able to spray down your concrete or wood decking and have it looking nice and clean again. However, on a bad day, you can end up with messes on the decking that are hard to clean. Another benefit of rubber decking is that it can be easier to clean on the days when more serious spills happen. Rubber decking is much less likely to stain the way other types of pool decking will. You can use soap and water to remove the spills that would end up being long-lasting stains on other decks. 

3. Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable surface

When you have concrete or even wood decking, walking on the deck can be painful on those really hot days because the surface can quickly begin to burn your feet. Also, you will be restricted to only using pool furniture because the deck would be too hot to lie on, even when using a beach towel. When you have a rubber pool deck, you won't have to worry about burning your feet or it being too hot to lie on because the rubber decking will stay much cooler to the touch. Also, the deck will be softer when you do walk and lie on it. You might be able to enjoy your pool more if it's less painful to walk or lounge in that area. 

For more information on your options, contact rubber pool deck installers.