Asphalt Pavement Information For Homeowners

Choosing a pavement material for a driveway can be a difficult decision when a homeowner doesn't know much about the options available. Many homeowners opt for a material such as concrete, thinking that it is the best option, but asphalt is actually a better option in many cases. Although concrete is able to dry with a harder surface than asphalt, it can be the most problematic to deal with when it comes to maintenance and repairs. You will also find that the construction process for concrete pavement is more complicated than the process for asphalt. If you want to know more about asphalt pavement and have questions in mind, you might find a few answers in this article.

The Speed of Asphalt Pavement Construction

A major benefit that makes asphalt the ideal pavement material option is how fast contractors are able to lay it down. Due to the consistency of asphalt, it is faster to smooth out than concrete, which means that using your driveway can be done sooner. One aspect of asphalt driveway construction that makes it a fast process is how soon the surface firms up after it has been laid out. If the weather is excessively hot, it might take a little longer than usual to firm up. However, you should still expect the overall construction process to be faster than when using concrete.

Why Asphalt Is Soft But a Good Option

Many homeowners believe that asphalt is too soft of a material to be a reliable option for many years to come. However, a softer pavement can actually last longer than a harder option such as concrete for various reasons. For example, if your asphalt pavement happens to crack, repairing it is a fast task that you can easily do on your own without hiring a professional. Placing more asphalt in the crack is all that will be needed, and it will not take away from the beauty of the pavement due to being the same consistency and shade. On the other hand, if concrete cracks, you might have to hire a professional to fill the crack in to ensure that the filling has the right consistency and color, as concrete comes in numerous forms.

How Asphalt Can Be Maintained on a Long-Term Basis

You don't have to put much thought and work into maintaining an asphalt driveway. Leaves won't stain the surface, which can happen when they sit on the surface for a long time with concrete. Oil from your vehicle won't create easily noticeable stains because it will blend with the asphalt and a large amount of it can seep into the porous surface. Don't forget that you can get the surface sealed for added protection as well.

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