Two Tips For Those Having Asphalt Paving Laid On Their Commercial Properties

If you have decided to have asphalt paving laid on your commercial property, following these tips should ensure the end results meet your expectations.

Wait several days before painting lines on the new asphalt

When the paving contractor completes the laying of the new asphalt paving, you might want to add a few painted lines to this area. For example, if the paved area is a loading bay, you might want to add lettering to the paving that indicates this, or you may need to put some parking lines on for the trucks that are left in this spot. If the paved area is going to be used by your clients who need to travel on foot, you might want to paint a crosswalk on the asphalt.

Whatever the reason for your desire to paint this area, you should wait several days before you adorn the asphalt with these any new symbols or letters. The reason for this is as follows; asphalt paving can sometimes take three days or so to dry. If you paint your paving before this, the chemicals in the paint might affect how the asphalt underneath it dries or they might actually meld with the paving itself and create a big mess that you'll have to get a paving contractor to fix. As such, it's important to hold off doing this task until you're certain the asphalt is dry.

If you're not sure what size the paved area should be, go for a smaller size

If you need to pave an area of your commercial property that was previously unpaved and you are not sure how wide and long it should be (for example, if you're creating a new asphalt car park but do not yet know how many of your employees and clients have vehicles and will need to use this amenity), then it is best to get the paving contractor to make it a little smaller than you initially planned. The reason for this is as follows; after asphalt paving cures, it becomes extremely hard, which makes it tough to remove. Doing so usually requires equipment such as an excavator or a jackhammer.

As such, it is best to be conservative, in regards to the dimensions of the new paved area, and then use the paving for a while to see if it's a good size for your property. You can always call up the paving contractor if you realize that this paved section needs to be wider or longer.

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