Signs That It Is Time To Repave Your Parking Lot

The condition of the parking area outside your business is essential. If the lot is in rough shape, it can be unsightly and dangerous to drive in, but parking lot repaving is an excellent way to bring new life into an old parking lot.

Cracking Pavement

There are a number of reasons that pavement cracks, but in most cases, the cracks are a result of weather and time. As the pavement in your parking lot ages, cracks begin to open and allow water to seep in under the pavement. Parking lot paving contractors can repave the parking lot and seal the cracks so that you can stop further damage to the lot.

If the cracks go without attention for an extended period of time, the parking lot can become extremely rough, and repairing the lot can involve removing the old pavement before parking lot paving is possible. 

Dents and Bumps

A parking lot with many dents can become a problem because water can settle in the low spot, and the surface of the parking lot can become uncomfortable to drive on. In the wintertime, the water in those divots can freeze, making driving on the lot dangerous.

Parking lot paving contractors can fill the dents for you, but the best way to fix the low spots is to add a new layer of pavement over the old parking lot, leveling the entire lot and filling in the dents. If there are high spots in the parking lot, the parking lot paving company can grind the old pavement down to remove the high spots before the new pavement is applied to the surface of the parking lot.

Fading and Discoloration

While fading is more cosmetic than some other issues with your parking lot, over time, the lot can start to look bad because the pavement is so discolored, and the lines on the lot are fading away. The easiest way to fix parking lot fading is to hire a parking lot paving company to come and put a new layer of pavement down on the parking lot. 

Repaving the lot will mean adding new striping to the parking lot as well, but talk to the parking lot paving company you are working with about striping the lot for you. Many parking lot paving companies have the resources to paint the lines on the lot, and if they don't, they can most likely recommend a company to come and restripe the parking lot for you.