Is Asphalt Good In Cold Weather?

Asphalt is always one of the highest considerations for property owners who want to replace their driveway. Asphalt is smooth and provides the driveway with a great driving experience. It can withstand all types of weather conditions, as long as they are not extreme.

Cold weather and freezing temperatures are the biggest culprits in causing wear and tear in asphalt driveways. In fact, the winter season sees the highest prevalence of potholes on asphalt roads.

Why Does Asphalt Suffer in Cold Weather?

Asphalt is porous by nature and it allows moisture in. The moisture from the ice or snow seeps into the grains of asphalt it expands when temperatures and freezing occurs causing cracks and breakage. It also contracts with the cold weather causing the appearance of small fissure. As the weight of the car passes over or settles on the cracks potholes are formed.

The Solution

Consider hot mix asphalt which is a made up of 95% sand, gravel and stone bound together with asphalt cement. It is made by heating the asphalt to an extremely high degree which causes the asphalt to lose its viscosity. With minimum viscosity, the asphalt is dried to completely remove any moisture in it.

Once the properly dried the asphalt is mixed and laid at high temperatures as well. It is this kind of asphalt mixes that are used to build race tracks and highways. These roads are built to take the weight of all types of cars and to survive cold temperatures without falling apart. This makes it the ideal asphalt for areas with cold temperature.

The Contractor

Having the best asphalt for cold temperature is not enough. You must ensure that you employ the services of an experienced asphalt specialist to lay it down for you. Your choice of specialist must understand the workings of hot mix asphalt and must also have the equipment to properly mix it and lay it down. When asphalt is not laid properly at every step it will begin to show wear and tear within a year.

Ask your asphalt repair services specialist to show you a sample driveway before settling for their services. In addition, ask for referrals that you can talk to and perhaps arrange a visit to the property. Choose a driveway that has been in use for over 1-2 years to see how it has held up during the cold season. These steps are imperative because they help you get the asphalt driveway you have always wanted.