3 Warning Signs You Should Have Your Business’s Asphalt Parking Lot Repaired Or Repaved

If your business has a parking lot for which you are responsible, you may wonder if it may be time to have it repaved. If so, look for the following warning signs that you should have your business's parking lot repaired or repaved before potholes start forming.

Rough or Uneven Surface

One sign that it is time to have your parking lot repaved is a rough or uneven surface. If the surface has become rough, this means that the seal coating has worn down, leaving the asphalt underneath it exposed to the elements. After constant exposure, the asphalt will wear down and eventually start to crumble.

These areas of deterioration will most likely not be apparent over the entire lot, however. You should walk around the parking lot to find out how many areas are uneven because of wear, as well as see if the uneven surface has started to crack.

Multiple Oil Spots on the Pavement

Another sign that it may be time to have your parking lot inspected and repaired by a professional service is the presence of multiple large oil spots on the pavement. Especially if your parking spaces are in constant use, oil leaking from various vehicles will start to build up.

If the oil spots are not removed or have already been on the asphalt for a while, the petroleum in the oil will start to break down the asphalt. Eventually, the asphalt will start to break apart, causing large potholes to form.

Cracks Have Weeds and Grass Growing

A sure sign that your parking lot needs to be repaired and probably repaved is when you see grass and weeds growing up through the cracks in the asphalt. Not only does this mean that the surface and underlayment of the parking lot have been damaged, but the growth could cause even more damage.

If the vegetation is allowed to keep growing, the stalks and roots will become larger. As the plants mature, they will cause further deterioration of the asphalt as they push their way through the already damaged material. Eventually, large pieces of the pavement will break loose, revealing the ground underneath.

If you have started seeing any of the above signs, it may be time to have your business's parking lot looked at by a professional. Contact a commercial asphalt service to have someone come out to inspect your parking lot and offer suggestions for either repairing the damage or repaving the entire surface. For more information, contact companies like Riggi Paving Inc.