Reasons To Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

If you are to ensure that your business's property is kept in the best condition possible, you will need to address the various problems that can arise. During this part of the maintenance process, many people will focus all of their attention on the building that houses their enterprise. Yet, the parking lot will also need regular care. More precisely, having a sealcoat applied may be one of the best options for reducing wear on your parking lot due to three important benefits these coatings will provide:

Minimize The Amount Of Fading 

Long-term exposure to the sun's intense heat and light can cause pigments in asphalt to start to degrade. This process will be very gradual, but it will eventually result in your parking lot turning a shade of gray. While this may not cause structural problems, it can cause your business to appear dilapidated. A sealcoat will minimize this fading as it will be designed to reflect the sun's most powerful rays of light, which will greatly reduce the amount of fading that the pavement experiences.

Protect The Pavement Against Cracks

Another common form of damage that a parking lot may encounter will be cracking. These cracks may start being very shallow, but the stress of cars driving on the pavement can cause these cracks to grow and deepen. One of the ways that a sealcoating can protect your parking lot against this problem is that it will inhibit water from entering the small pores and openings that may be in the surface of the pavement. When the water is unable to get inside these pores, it will be unable to weaken the asphalt from the interior. For those that live in areas that require regular use of deicing chemicals, these coatings can also prevent these chemicals from causing the asphalt to become brittle. However, you will need to apply the sealcoat more frequently as deicing chemicals can break down this protective layer over a year or two.

Extend The Life Of Your Parking Lot Paint

Having a painted parking lot can be important for minimizing the risk of cars being involved in accidents or pedestrians being hit. However, painting a parking lot can be very disruptive, as your employees and customers may not have anywhere to park until the paint has fully dried. Sealcoats will act as an additional layer of protection for your parking lot paint, which can greatly extend the life of this paint.