Four Tips To Help Maintain Asphalt Pavement Parking Facilities And Reduce Repair Costs

Asphalt pavement is an affordable solution for large parking facilities, but  repairs can be very costly when it fails. With some maintenance policies, you can help reduce these costs and ensure your parking facilities are in the best condition. Some of the things you may want to include are seal coating and resurfacing. Here are some things that can be done to ensure your pavement lasts for many years before needing to be replaced:

1. Using A Durable Asphalt Mix To Begin With

To start, you can use a durable asphalt mix for your parking. You will want to use a denser mix that is less likely to wear and crack. This is something that you will want to consider if you parking facility gets heavy traffic, for which warm mixes may not be the best solution. A durable mix will cost a little more, but it will need less maintenance and last longer.

2. Avoid Weight Problems By Keeping Loads Off Asphalt

Another thing that can damage asphalt is heavy loads. You want to make sure that you limit the weight of the vehicles that use your parking facility. In addition, consider the location of dumpsters. Locate containers in an area where the asphalt paving is not in their path. You may want to consider using a different pavement for access to containers, such as reinforced concrete.

3. Use Seal Coating To Protect Asphalt From Common Wear

Erosion can be another problem that can damage asphalt pavement. This is caused by water that gets into the cracks and crevices of the pavement. To prevent this problem, seal coating can be done. The seal coating can also help protect your pavement from sun exposure and general wear.

4. Keep Up With Cracks And Patching Maintenance To Reduce Wear

If you want to avoid problems with wear on your pavement, keeping up with maintenance is important. You will want to fix cracks and holes in pavement before they lead to serious problems. Patching and sealing these problems can help prevent erosion and the deterioration of your asphalt. When you catch damage to pavement in time, you will be able to save yourself the costs of repairs.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider about the maintenance of your asphalt parking facilities. If you need help with the maintenance and care of your asphalt parking, contact an asphalt paving contractor, like Star Paving, to help keep your parking in like new condition.